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SELBST | Oliver Gather

Documentation of the SELBST-Baustelle [SELF Building Site] in front of a DIY store where Oliver Gather set up a concrete counter and talked to visitors about their projects and the meaning of ‘doing it yourself’. The motivations for DIY were exhibited in the form of aphorisms in a DIY store in Hörstel. A selection of 160 builder’s sketches were published in the book SELBST.

Hardcover | 95 colour illustrations | Ger. / Engl. | €24 | special price at the book presentation: €18

Wolkenatem | Bettina Bürkle and Klaus Illi

The artist duo makes the invisible element of air visible in pneumatic sculptures. The poetry of these kinetic objects, these rising and sinking cloud forms, emerges from the slowness and variety of their movement. Different rhythms bring about constantly changing overall constellations, which include the space and the viewer in a formal examination of breathing and allowing to breath.

Hardcover | 112 pages | over 100 colour illustrations | Ger. / Engl. | published by Kerber Verlag | €30

SOUNDSEEING – Klänge zum Angucken

German-language documentation of three years of sound art in the Münsterland. Music and art, sounds produced by instruments or electronics, making everyday noises audible and visible – these are some of the concerns of the sound-art series SOUNDSEEING. The DA has organised these unusual exhibitions together with the Musikhochschule Münster and cuba-cultur Münster since 2009. It has been possible to establish sound art within the region as a crossover genre between music and visual art, and to give a more or less neglected art form a permanent place here. Architecture can be experienced as sound-space and the significance of aural perception is brought to public awareness.

This success is also due to the financial support of state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the LWL Cultural Foundation. The participating artists come from Europe and Asia, and have significantly contributed to the history of sound art in Germany and abroad. Their work encompasses sound installations, electronic sound experiments and performance art.

The works of art were specially conceived for the DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, and some of them were made on site. The photographic exhibition by Gerd Gerhardt and the new catalogue SOUNDSEEING – Klänge zum Angucken [Sounds to Watch] document three years of sound art in the Münsterland. It is a challenge to present the series in the dimensions of a catalogue – even with the accompanying audio DVD.

And so Gerd Gerhardt resisted the temptation to photographically document sound. Instead he captured and artistically reshaped subjective moods, atmospheres, moments and extracts form the sound installations, and images of the artists and audiences. The exhibitions to date have shown that sound art is sensual, playful , subtle and questioning.

Catalogue and audio DVD: €18, orders of 5 and over: €15

The Gravenhorst comic | Das Partizipative Geflecht

Originating from the grant programme KunstKommunikation 2011.

A comic-art project by Gilbert Geister (image) and Matthias Schamp (story) with the participation of seventy-six members of the public and a dog, who set out on a journey into a drawn world in January 2011. Numerous visitors took up the offer of making an appearance in a comic. Portrait sittings produced images that were incorporated into the work, and participants could express their wishes as to the manner of their appearance. Now the comic is ready. Das partizipative Geflecht [The Participive Network] is complete! Available now in the DA Kunsthaus and in bookshops.

Das partizipative Geflecht, Matthias Schamp (author), Gilbert Gesiter (artist), DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, Kreis Steinfurt 2012 | ISBN978-3-926619-91-4 | edition of 1,500 | 44 pages, paperback | €12

Catalogue with DVD on KUNST+Leben at the DA Kunsthaus

A summary of grants, exhibitions, actions and symposia on participatory art. This catalogue documentation appears to mark the fifth anniversary of the grant project KunstKommunikation at the DA, Kunshaus Kloster Gravenhorst in Hörstel, which began in summer 2010 with the large exhibition KUNST+Leben [ART+ Life] and an international symposium.

Around twenty projects have been realised within the grant programme. At last year’s symposium many former grant holders, art lovers, curators, academics and artists discussed art communication and possible participatory forms in rural areas.   >>more Infos

The catalogue looks back at all hitherto projects, and contains symposium contributions from Gerd Andersen (director, DA, Kunsthaus), Christoph Schneider (guest curator, Freiburg), Jan-Christoph Tonigs (director, Kulturbüro Münsterland, grensWerte/Euregio), Christine Biehler (artist and curator, Hildesheim), Paolo Bianchi (journalist and lectuer, Zurich) and Wolfgang Zinggl (art educator and cultural politician, Vienna).

As a cross-border project funded by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Art Foundation of NRW and Euregio (GrensWerte), the publication contains many articles and summaries in Dutch.

An accompanying DVD shows impressions of the exhibition and symposium. The catalogue (1,662 pages, 60 illustrations, with DVD) is available for €13.

Feldforschung Abendbrot – artists’ book

Created during the grant programme KunstKommunikation 2009.

This artists’ book is the condensed collection of what the artist duo Ingke Günther and Jörg Wagner encountered through their SUPPER practice. It shows excerpts from their artistic research, which focused on encounters. Alongside documentary images and SUPPER works, the publication contains a selection of material: statements, recipes, photographs.

Feldforschung Abendbrot [Field Research Supper] artists’ book | €10 | special edition with windmill knife: €20

24 Emoticons for Nonnenpättken – T-shirts and postcards

Created during the grant programme KunstKommunikation 2009.

The Stuttgart artist Beate Baumgärtner signposted the nuns’ former escape route from Kloster Gravenhorst to their townhouse in Bevergern with twenty-four emoticons – the word derives from ‘emotion’ and ‘icon’ – to translate the sister’s feelings into the language of the Internet era. Für Interessierte gibt es nun Emoticon- T-Shirts und -Postkarten.
Woman’s T-shirt | €20 | S–XL
:–(*) nausea (pink)
2B I^2B to be or not to be (light blue)
[ ] let me embrace you (red)
+<:–I nun (white)
Man’s T-shirt | €20 | M–XXL
:–(*) nausea (grey)
2B I^2B to be or not to be (dark blue)
8–? what’s the world coming to? (red/ white)
... and lots of cards, €1.50 each

Art to Listen to: signed special edition of Tom Koesel’s project My Private Gravenhorst

A limited edition created during the grant programme Kunstkommunikation 2006.

For seven months the Cologne artist Tom Koesel collected stories about Kloster Gravenhorst. Central to the project My Private Gravenhorst was the time after the secularisation of the convent in 1818. Since then the grounds have been used in many different ways – many residents of Hörstel know stories from this time or have their own personal memories.

Together with pupils from Hörstel Junior High School, Koesel recorded these in interviews and transformed the sound material into a multipart installation of language and speech that explores the relationship between history, memory, dialect/language and its reception. A hundred yellow numbered pylons were installed in the grounds of the convent to mark places that were linked to particular memories. Visitors, equipped with audio guides could experience the stories as landscapes of acoustic memory. There are stories about an inflatable church, a flickering light bulb, a Hitler Youth camp, fire salamanders, mushroom cultivation, bull stalls and Reinhard Mey’s Porsche. Moving, exciting, sometimes banal stories that usually tell of everyday and family events, in which socio-political events are also reflected.

In his project My Private Gravenhorst, Tom Koesel has substantially transformed a piece of historical regional culture. It is a concretisation of one of the most important guiding concepts of the Kunsthaus, namely to convey history and art together. Now the original recordings of all the collected stories are available in a limited edition from the DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst. The signed special edition My Private Gravenhorst is available in a German-language edition of 100 for €65 each.

CD ROM: Eine Geschichte des Klosters Gravenhorst

A German-language audio guide through all facets of convent life, telling the history of Kloster Gravenhorst.

Contemporary art within historical walls – the DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst in Hörstel stands for this exciting connection. But what history lies hidden behind this ancient building? This CD ROM gives detailed information about the historical background of the convent, which was founded in 1256, and addresses both children and adults.

Its themes include the life of the sisters, the work in Kloster Gravenhorst, the famous library, the convent’s architecture and archaeology – from medieval to modern times. The main texts are also available in an audio version.

Of special interest to children are the stories of the maidservant Miktrinken, who really did exist. Maria Catharina Eggers from Elte, called Miktrinken, tells of her everyday life as a maid at Kloster Gravenhorst.

CD ROM: €7

Der Ort: 750 Jahre Kloster Gravenhorst

Documentation (in German) to mark the founding anniversary.

This richly illustrated catalogue follows the twelve stages of the anniversary exhibition. It starts with the authenticated beginnings of the place as a convent, covers the time of secular use and ends with its institutionalisation as a cultural monument. Introductory texts embed anecdotes about the exhibited objects in wider historical contexts. It is thus the most comprehensive and up-to-date historiography of Gravenhorst until now.

The second part documents the art exhibition Memoria, which enters into an aesthetic dialogue with the aura of the exhibited historical objects. It takes up the subject of individual and collective memory and forgetting, and shows that ‘history’ is always a retrospective and thought construction.

Der Ort: 750 Jahre Kloster Gravenhorst [The Place: 750 Years of Kloster Gravenhorst]
168 pages with numerous colour illustrations Price: €15

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